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Swipe food
with friends

Decide what to eat together with

friends and loved ones. Chew make the everyday struggle of knowing what to eat, easy.


Download now and start swiping!

Chew Phone Mockup 01.png

Swipe, don’t search

No more endless scrolling or searching for recipes online. The everyday question of what to eat is now as easy and fun as playing a game. Swipe and let Chew help you find what to eat. Together with a friend or by yourself!


Let the inspiration come to you and make the decision making fun!


Invite friends - Chew is social…
but not how you think.

Create a Swipe with friends & loved ones. If everyone Swipes right on a recipe and it’s a match. Boom, why argue?

Share your favorites
with just a click

Every recipe has its own landing page, so sharing is easy and direct. Post your own URLs on your social channels or wherever you like. Cooking and spreading love with food should be easy!


Upload your recipe
& get all the cred

With an intuitive recipe editor, Chew makes it easy for you to become a food creator! Every recipe gets its own recipe page so you can share it on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok or wherever you want. Don't forget to connect your channels for maximum exposure.

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